The ultimate Mission of St. Joseph’s College & School of Nursing is to prepare nursing professionals of global standard to serve humanity with deep commitment. We accomplish this task by educating every student to excel in nursing theory, research, professional development and innovation to support clinical nursing practice.

Building on the tradition of our founder Sr. Dr. Mary Glowrey, St. Joseph’s College and School of Nursing prepares compassionate Nurse practitioners who are committed to excellence in practice.

My vision for St. Joseph’s is simple – to be the best Nursing Education Institute that integrates education, practice and research for advanced practice of nursing. Students are central to our mission and enhancing the student experience is our key. The foundation on which we stand is our passionate and determined students, faculty and alumni. Our faculty is dedicated to preparing self-directed graduates who can make a difference in the community as highly competent and caring nursing professionals.

Additional goals include reinvigorating our shared research and clinical practice enterprise, innovation in nursing education, showcasing the work of our faculty and importantly making our institute an even more welcoming and safe place in which to learn, work and grow.

I’m very enthusiastic and optimistic about these goals and about working together to achieve them. As always at St. Joseph’s, we want to go far and to do that we need to go together.

Sr. Dr. Victoria Narichitti M.N, Ph.D,

Our Vision


“A center for excellence in Nursing Education which is geared towards preparation of creative, caring and competent nursing professionals to meet the needs of the time by an expression of Christian concern for the sick and suffering.”

Our Mission


“St. Joseph’s College of Nursing is committed to the development of nursing professionals having high sense of scholarship and a deep commitment to service. The academic programme in St. Joseph’s College of Nursing is obvious as healing ministry emanated by Love, Care and Service besides concern for spiritual health as well as body and mind for all.”